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Founder and Managing Director of ‘Paradise Pearls’, and I’m thrilled to have you here!



Through this initiative, I want to help you connect with the Qur’an in a deeper and more meaningful way.

The fact that you’re here reading about my transformational journey is a testimony that you are ready for your transformation too.

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I was one of those fortunate people whom Allah blessed with the identity of a Muslim.

Born in a Muslim household, under the care and guardianship of loving, believing Muslim parents who always taught me about the miracles of the Qur’an. In a community that treasured its faith and strived towards the pleasure of Allah.

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As a part of that community, I learned to do things I saw others doing. I performed my daily rituals because it was a natural and essential part of our lives, but it was just that, a ritual. I read the Qur’an because I was taught that it was important.

Why? There wasn’t much thought given to that.

“The Qur’an was speaking to me.

It was all I needed to stand up again.”

I had many questions which were left unanswered, and it was these questions that made me constantly anxious. I knew the significance of reading the Qur’an, but I didn’t know what it was saying. I never read its meaning or tried to understand the messages behind its verses. It was a duty that I performed every day, not realising that this is a two-way connection.

When I saw others crying in salah or recitation, I cried too, but my tears were just a reflex instead of a response to the words of Allah.

A major incident in my life gave me the push I needed to finally connect with the Qur’an on a deeper level. I was aware of many tafseer (explanation) and tadabbur (reflection) courses and classes happening around me and I began attending them. While they did open my heart and provided some answers to my questions, I still lacked the courage and steadfastness I wanted to build in myself.

That changed in 2014…

I found out about a tafseer and Qur’anic reflection class that was about to start in my locality. It was like a drop of rain on my parched soul. I didn’t waste another minute and enrolled myself to begin a journey to learning. Deep within me, I felt that Allah has opened a path for me that will surely take me out of my distress. And it proved to be just that and much more!

The Qur’an was speaking to me, and it was the first time in my life that I felt a connection with it. It didn’t seem like a book with stories of prophets and heroic men from another time anymore.

It felt real and close.

A verse of the Qur’an that is still close to my heart and that gave me the courage to move ahead in seeking knowledge is this beautiful statement in Surah Mujadilah, verse 11:

“Allah will raise those, in ranks, who have believed and are given knowledge. Allah is well-aware of what you do.”

What an honour and privilege it is for those who are gifted with knowledge.

During this period, I was invited to a Qur’an competition which made me realise the importance of correct recitation of the Qur’an. I kept myself in the position of one of the sisters who lost the competition because of her comparatively lesser knowledge of tajweed (pronunciation of Qur’anic Arabic). Both were excellent reciters, but one of them was fully equipped to pass the test.

This made me question myself.

Am I equipped to pass my test in this world? What if I was in her place? Would I pass or fail?

My education as a qualified Accountant didn’t seem to give me the satisfaction that comes with being devoted to the Qur’an. It didn’t quench my thirst for knowledge or assure me of success in the akhirah, so I decided it was time to change the direction of my life.

I asked Allah for help.
I asked Him for strength and guidance.
And He opened countless doors to show me the way.

In 2017, I founded the ‘Paradise Pearls’ to start fixing the broken connections of those who are looking for a way in the dark.

I talked to the youth and conducted a survey to find out their concerns and apprehensions. Not much to my surprise, there was a persistent issue where most of the children and teens were reading the Qur’an without any understanding of it. They knew the basic framework of Islam but were afraid to implement its teachings into their lives for fear of being labelled or ridiculed.

The rigid approach of do’s and don’ts wasn’t working.

What they needed was a practical initiative to understand the message of the Qur’an.

Some sort of reflective program that could answer all their questions and prepare them to be confident Muslims.

I put my heart and soul into making Paradise Pearls that initiative.

To aid me in my journey as a student of the Qur’an and seeker of knowledge, I obtained a Diploma in the Science of Tajweed, Arabic and Bridge to Masters in Islamic Studies from the Islamic Open University under the supervision of Dr. Bilal Philips. I also gained an Ijazah (licence) in Qur’anic recitation. I’m about to complete an MA in Islamic Studies and Pastoral Care with Markfield Institute of Higher Education, United Kingdom.

Paradise Pearls has served as a guiding light for the youth that took part in our workshops, courses and classes.

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What drives us in our mission?

Your success.
The success of your dunya and akhirah.

We work with a simple plan.
Learn about the fundamentals of Islam
Love the beauty of Islam
Live the principles of Islam

So that we can all reach our ultimate destination

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How do we plan on doing it?

By nurturing your love for the Qur’an and helping
you access it easily.

By developing an unfaltering connection betweenyou
and the Qur’an.

By helping you overcome spiritual and emotional
hurdles and equipping you for success in akhirah.

Why the Struggle?

Because we are an Ummah (Muslim community) and we have a responsibility.

“You are the best ‘Ummah ever raised for mankind. You bid the Fair and forbid the Unfair, and you believe in Allah.”

(Al-Imran, verse 110)
Is this reason not enough?

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